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If you are looking for a resilience boost for your child and/or some creative child-centred tutoring, or would like to book me to speak or facilitate a group session for your organisation, then click here to Wattsap me or email [email protected]


An experienced creative educator, consultant and reformer. My teaching experiences include state, private and international settings. Full DBS.

feedback from my tutoring and resilience bolstering sessions

"If you have kiddos in your life, whether family or friend. I can highly recommend Jane Tyson's Resilient Kids. Thanks Jane for the pleasure of hosting your sessions as part of our Dulux Wellfest events today" Debi

"Jane creates a safe, calming space for children to express themselves. Over the course of the sessions I've attended, self-consciousness melts away and you'll see that there's nothing like the joy of a child who's done something they didn't think they could do" Jen Gale

"I don't think you realise the impact you had on our son's future after we met you in 1998! Such an amazing teacher and person" Carol

"Thank you Resilient Kids for an inspired and refreshing experience! I often talk about "resiliency" with adults but we have yet to translate that conversation into the language of our small human. He had a great time and we look forward to learning with you again soon" Dee

Jane is very engaging, and looks to really get to know each child, in order to formulate a bespoke plan. Jane uses new and innovative ideas on how to facilitate the learning of each child.

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